Muscular System of the Human body

Muscular System of the Human body
for AyurYoga and Dátá Snéhan

Authors: Bapu Ji Kiran Vyas,

ISBN 978-80-906461-7-9
pages: 207,

Human life is very complex. It is composed of both perceptible and imperceptible components such as Samskara (the essence of one’s Karmas), Janma (birth characteristics/astrological factors), Mano Gunas (qualities of the mind), Chitta Vrittis (tendencies of the mind), Trigunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas), Dravya Guny (20 gunas), Mahabhuta (earth, water, fire, etc.), Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), Dhatus (ras, rakta, mamsa, etc.), molecular structures and organs (biochemical processes).

Whenever we touch the body, in fact we are stimulating all of these factors, visible and invisible. The purity of these components is a measure of human health. Impurities are due to imbalanced lifestyle. Impurities on the physical level emerge in the form of toxins in the tissues. These toxins cause diseases of the human body.

To understand complex body functions it is necessary to know the body’s abilities.

Muscles play an important role in taking physical action. We are emphasizing muscles here – but muscle alone cannot do anything.


An Introduction to the Muscular System, The Dhatus, Metabolism of the Dhatus, Metabolism, Mechanism of skeletal muscle, Sharira and Sharira vidhya, Germ layers, Mamsa dhatu, Mamsa dhatu sar prakriti,
Tridosha of Muscles, (Vatika Mamsa, Pitta Mamsa, Kapha Mamsa)
Muscular system and patterns, Muscle attachments

Axial muscles, Overview of the major skeletal muscles, Muscles of facial expression, Extrinsic eye muscles ,
Muscles of mastication, Muscles of the tongue, Muscles of the pharynx, Muscles of the neck,
Muscles of the vertebral column, Oblique and rectus muscles, Muscles of the pelvic floor, Appendicular muscles, An overview of the Appendicular muscles, Muscles that position the pectoral girdle, Muscles that move the arm, Muscles that move the forearm and hand, Muscles that move the hand and fingers, Muscles of the Pelvis and Lower Limbs, Muscles that move the thigh, Muscles that move the leg, Muscles that move the foot and toes